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Steel and Iron Products of TNR Steel Sri Lanka

All products imported and distributed by TNR Steel Sri Lanka are of the highest quality and internationally tested. This results in enhanced performance, high durability, and immense return on investments for all clients of TNR Steel.

Steel and mild steel products, iron and galvanised iron products, as well as other construction products imported and retailed by TNR Steel Sri Lanka can be used in any type of construction project. All types of buildings, from single-unit facilities to housing schemes and business offices, can be reliably constructed by using the proven and high-quality products of TNR Steel. Clients from all regions of Sri Lanka buy their steel, iron, and other construction products from TNR Steel due to the pristine as well as unmatchable quality of the products.

List of Products of TNR Steel Sri Lanka

  • Angle Iron
  • Barbed Wire
  • Bolt and Nut
  • Flat Iron
  • Galvanised Iron Pipe
  • Galvanised Iron Wire
  • GI Roofing Sheet
  • H Iron
  • Jumper Steel
  • Lipped Channel
  • Mild Steel Products
  • QST Bars
  • Roofing Felt
  • Seamless Steel
  • Shafting Steel
  • Square Tube
  • T Steel
  • Threaded Steel Bars
  • U Channel Iron
  • Welding Rods
  • Wire Nails
  • Zinc Coated Sheet

Best Steel and Construction Products in Sri Lanka from TNR Steel

A wide range of construction materials, equipment, and supplies are ordered daily by a number of clients from TNR Steel Enterprises of Sri Lanka.

TNR Steel Sri Lanka Delivers the Best Steel and Iron Items to You

In addition to steel sheets, bars, pipes, plates, and rods, TNR Steel distributes high-quality galvanised iron sheets, rods, pipes, and bars.

Buy Steel for Home, Office, and Factory Building Projects from TNR Steel

Housing, office, factory, and other commercial as well as industrial building and construction projects benefit from the steel and iron products of TNR Steel of Sri Lanka.

Buy Mild Steel and Galvanised Sheets and Pipes from TNR Steel

Mild steel sheets and plates, zinc-coated sheets, as well as angle iron, flat iron, and other products are available for purchase from TNR Steel Enterprises of Sri Lanka.